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Looool!  Oh wow, SO BIG.  I’m a ladies small, and this is the equivalent of a ladies large (it’s a men’s medium really), which is why it’s so huge on me!  I’ll be selling this, once I’ve found a medium sized man to model it properly (because it’s much better than it looks in this photo), but for now you guys can laugh at me in my overly huge Mordin/Thane hoodie.  FOR THE LULZ.  (But Thane’s frills - totes worked!)

EDIT: It’s for sale!

A tutorial is coming, so you can make your own (in a size that fits!).  Just have to do that and bit of editing on the Mordin design.  Let me know - what size/gender would you be interested in me doing next?  (It’ll go on Etsy when I get round to it)

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